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Eating Lunch

Here to help you meet your wellness goals

Move away from restrictive diets and find what works for you and your body. Discover how simple changes can make a huge impact to your health. 

What we can help with

Weight Loss Support

Evidence-based approach to tailor and support you with achieving your weight loss goals 

Meal Planning and Recipe Analysis

Support with meal planning and finding or creating recipes that work for you or your family.

Family and Children's Nutrition

Support with children's weight management and obesity, nutrition and meal planning

Vegetarian and Vegan Diets

Support to help you make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need from plant based sources.

About Me
Sophie Savva - Registered Dietitian

Welcome to My Dietitian. I'm Sophie, a dedicated Registered Dietitian with a focus on empowering individuals and families to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Originally from Ireland, I've proudly called Edinburgh home for the past six years. Clinical Experience: Currently, I work as a Registered Dietitian within the NHS focusing on child, adolescent, and family nutrition, with a primary focus on weight management and Type 2 Diabetes Prevention. My passion lies in working collaboratively with families, offering unwavering support to parents and guardians navigating dietary changes for their children. I firmly believe in education around positive food choices for the entire family. In my role, I also engage with individuals, guiding them toward sustainable, evidence-based solutions for long-lasting changes. If your goal is weight loss, I understand that dieting and keeping up with the next big weight loss trend can be frustrating. I take pride in providing personalized support that is tailored to each unique journey.

Qualifications: I hold a Bachelor of Science degree (with Honors) in Nutrition and Dietetics, grounding my practice in a solid academic foundation.

Learn More about Me
Sophie Savva Registered Dietitian

Registrations and Memberships

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Services we can provide

1:1 Consultations

FREE Discovery Call before you commit to an appointment

Nutrition advice for Parents

Personalised Evidenced-based Support

Meal Ideas and planning advice

Our Services

Food Photography

My Approach

I am a firm advocate for a practical and realistic approach to nutrition, making dietary changes should be shaped by individual needs and preferences. In collaboration with my clients, I craft and help encourage realistic dietary changes tailored to their lifestyles, blending evidence-based nutrition recommendations with effective behavior change strategies for lasting success. My dedication lies in empowering clients to adopt sustainable changes that enhance their overall well-being.

When working with children and parents, my goal is to simplify and make dietary changes realistic. I believe that learning about food should be enjoyable, and I strive to empower young people to make positive dietary choices. I steer clear of restrictive diets or plans that often fall short in achieving long-term dietary change, opting instead for an approach that involves a positive relationship with food.

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