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I'm Sophie, a dedicated Registered Dietitian based in Edinburgh with a passion for guiding individuals and families towards a healthier lifestyle. With a focus on child, adolescent, and family nutrition, I currently work in weight management and Type 2 Diabetes Prevention within the NHS. Rooted in a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, my practice is built on a solid academic foundation. As a member of professional bodies like the Health and Care Professions Council and the British Dietetic Association, I provide personalised support for individuals working on making changes to their diet and achieving their goals.

Beyond my clinical role, I love cooking and trying new recipes and I believe that nourishing your body can be both enjoyable and exciting.

Join me on a journey to embrace a world of good food and empower your health through nutrition!

My Story

Born in Ireland, I embarked on my journey to become a dietitian, finding my academic home in the enchanting city of Edinburgh. 

Now, proudly contributing to the NHS Lothian team, I've immersed myself in diverse experiences, working with a multitude of clients and health conditions. My passion lies in empowering individuals, especially young people and families, to achieve optimal health through improved nutrition.

Navigating the complexities of children's diets can be challenging for parents. Drawing from my extensive experience, I specialise in guiding families through these hurdles, assisting with food preferences, and fostering a positive relationship with food from a young age. I find joy in teaching children about the nourishing power of foods that can help keep us healthy and strong.

In my role, I've witnessed the transformative impact of tailored dietary interventions, aiding individuals in achieving weight loss and overall well-being. My mission is not just about improving diets but also about instilling a lifelong appreciation for nutritious choices. 

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